The Ikce Wicasa Tiospaye (Ick-che We-cha-sha Tie-oh-shpay) is an organization dedicated to the practice of certain Native American spiritual traditions. Loosely transliterated, Ikce Wicasa Tiospaye means “common man/people family/community.” Among those practices are initi (purification ceremony, or what common culture calls “sweat lodge”,) drum circles, canunpah (pipe,) and others. We also make available “generecized” teaching of basic Red Road priniples. For more information about that, please visit: If this is someting you are sincerely interested in learning more about, the best place for you to start is by participating in the teachings offered by mixedblood. If you do, present yourself and express your interest in deeper involvement. While the IWT is open, experience has taught us to first know something about who is coming to ceremony before extending the invitation. Our inipi (lodge) is in north Palm Beach county. The organized teaching is at our studio located at Suite 209, 1489 N Military Trail, WPB. The schedule of presentations can be found on the mixedblood website. Our lodge family has depth of experience, with several sundancers and sundance supporters in regular attendance. We are also in the beginning stages of community volunteerism as the IWT looks to serve the community beyond itself. Our intial focus is on environmental, animal, and social issues.
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